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About The Notice Of Being An Exhibitor On Dubai THE BIG 5- International Building & Construction Show

2019-09-23 12:10:52

The company will attend the above international show as an exhibitor. The company products will be shown on the exhibition are samples of Aluminum plates, including anodized Al plates, mirror Al plates, brushed Al plates, coated Al plates color painting, laminated Al plates, Al checkered plates, PS Al plates, composite Al panel and Al clad sheet; Aluminum sheet circles, aluminum traffic signboards and aluminum labels; aluminum foil containers.
About the exhibition:
Originated from 1980, The BIG5 has been successfully held for 39 sessions. Five major industries, architecture and building materials, architectural technology, constructional instruments, interior decoration and security&piping, gather on the exhibition. The world famous exhibition, which is highly praised by the exhibitors and visitors for its profession degree and excellent effect, is an indispensable industry fair in the field of construction. With the largest exhibition area in the Middle East  and the most exhibitors and visitors in the architectural international fairs, the exhibition area is up to 110000 square metres. Owing to the influence of the fair, the royals and government officials will be present, which reflects the significance of Dubai BIG5 Fair in the local place.
About the market:
Since the formal establishment of diplomatic relation between The United Arab Emirates and China on 1st 11, 1984, the political relation becomes more and more mature between the two countries. Widely cooperation is established in all aspects in the two countries. In the area of economic and trade cooperation, the bilareral trade volume was over 50 billion dollars in 2017. "Made in China” has been part of the daily life of people of the United Arab Emirates. China and the United Arab Emirates consider each each other as potential investment markets.

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