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JEBEL ALI Port, Middle East's largest port

2019-12-24 10:14:03

Shipping routes 1:Shanghai Port→JEBEL ALI Port

Shipping routes 2:Tianjin Port→JEBEL ALI Port

Shipping routes 3:Guangzhou Port→JEBEL ALI Port

Shipping routes 4:Shenzhen Port→JEBEL ALI Port

    Jebel Ali Port is the 11hlargest portin the world,with a capacity of19.3 mil.lion TEUs.The port helped DubaiDosition itself as the regional hubfor business, and the gateway tothe Middle East and Africa forAsian and European exporters.

    Its fourth terminal is fully automatedMore than 180 shipping lines usethe port, which together with the adiacent iree zoneaccounts for 33% of Dubais GDP.

    Jebel Ali Port has undergone manyexnansions since opening in 1979.Companies that have woked on theDont incude South Kerea's HyundaiEngineering & Construction, Japan'sToa, France's Soletanche Bachy, the local/UK Dutco Balfour Beatty andBam International of the Netherdands.

    The port's owner, DP World, has gone on to become one ofthe world'sleading ports operators. with a portfo-lio of 78 marine andinlandterminalsin 40 countries.

    DP World, which made a profit of$1.3bn in 2018, ÍS currently planninga major disruption tothe global logis-tics industry, withthedevelopment ofDP World Cargospeed, an on-demand,autonomous palletised-cargo distribu-tion system that uses electric propul-sion technology.

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